Account Reconciliation

Simplify check and deposit accounting and save money too. Email us at or call 1.877.Bangor1 (1.877.226.4671).

Full Reconciliation

Your company's check-issue data is used to produce a consolidated statement of outstanding checks and exception items.

Partial Reconciliation

A listing of paid checks makes it easy to upload data into your payable system.

Disbursement Reconciliation

Multiple locations – one checking account. Reports show checks issued by location – with totals each month. 

Deposit Reconciliation

A tool for tracking profitability by location and facilitating reconciliation. Reports are generated by individual deposit locations; a summary shows deposit totals by location for the month.

Check Imaging

Reduces the time spent researching checks as well as the space required to store them.

Sub Accounting

Manage multiple accounts, maximize interest earning potential and track earnings to the appropriate division. It's easy! No matter how many divisions you have, you can make a single deposit; we do the rest. Funds in the accounts are co-mingled for investment purposes. The monthly statement displays the allocation of interest and fees.

Positive Pay Service

Reduce incidences of check fraud with Positive Pay. This service matches checks presented for payment against previously submitted issue data. Any checks presented for payment that differ in dollar amount, issue date or check number are intercepted and referred to you for payment or return instructions.

Account Analysis

Provides detailed information on your business deposit account and corporate banking services. A monthly statement recaps account activity, average daily ledger balances, collected balances and earning credit rates. Linking multiple checking accounts through account analysis reduces monthly service charges too.

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